The Virginia born, Maryland raised singer/songwriter Sean Holloran continues to expand his fan base around the world as his popularity takes him from playing local beach bars to a successful career as a recording artist and touring musician. With over 70,000 likes and counting on Facebook, Sean’s live shows and new recordings are garnering him a growing fan base which is taking him to the next level in the entertainment world.


Like many elementary school aged kids, Sean took the parentally required piano lessons and even sang in the church choir. However, by middle school, music was left behind in favor of sports and other teenage interests. Sean returned to Virginia to attend Randolph-Macon College outside of Richmond. At a fraternity party during his senior year, a friend showed him a couple of cords on a guitar and Sean was hooked. Soon, a used guitar and late night access to the college’s pianos led Sean down the song-writing path.


After graduation, Sean briefly tried the business world but soon he moved from the confines of a cubicle to kicking back at the beach. He started out singing for his supper at the local bars and then expanded his reach around the Mid-Atlantic area. A year later, with the cash he had saved and several original songs in hand, Sean headed into Omega Recording Studios where he recorded “It’s The Way”, “Into You”, and “Right Where You Are”. The songs were mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound in New York City and released as an EP in August of 2011. Sales on iTunes and Sean’s growing popularity led to his own channels on Pandora and Spotify. The web site Drinkify recommends drinking Red Stripe Beer while listening to Sean. Airplay on independent stations around the country and now the world has led to interviews on radio and TV programs along with an ever expanding concert schedule at colleges and clubs.


Sean just completed shooting a video for “Here In The Sun”, the first single from his upcoming CD, which is currently being mastered in Los Angeles by Brian Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios.




“Sean was great and played an excellent set list. He was very easy to work with. The crowed loved his energy. I would highly recommend him”


Virginia Tech


“Sean Holloran played an excellent mix. He easily got the party started and kept it going throughout the night and provided the perfect dance atmosphere. Sean and his band were extremely chill guys as well as immensely talented musicians. Our chapter not only wants to have more live music as a result of his show, we are even want  him back again.


The College of William and Mary


“Awesome time. We would love to have him back.”


University of Virginia


“Sean provided a great opening act and we want him back with the full band for 2012/2013”


Goucher College




Website: www.SeanHolloran.com


Facebook: www.facebook.com/seanholloran


Twitter: www.twitter.com/seanholloran






Rogue Wave Management








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